6 Facts About Content Marketing That Will Help You Succeed in 2018

Have you geared up with your content marketing strategy for the New Year? If not, then you must be prepared as we have already entered the New Year which is going to be competitive more than ever before.

Here are some insightful facts about content marketing to help you come up with a perfect strategy to surpass your competitors. Are you READY? (We, for sure, are!).

1. Content quality will be the driving factor for success in 2018

Marketers win through their strategy only if their content is original and of high quality. Marketers who rely on low-cost services/templates and prioritise quantity over quality are likely to lose traction this year.
Reconsidering budget and focusing more on personalising content will increase content quality which, in turn, will improve brand positioning and engagement.

2. Video content will reign

The sole purpose of content is not to tell but show messages. And video does just that. According to the survey report “2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report,” businesses publishing an average of 18 videos every month and almost 85% of businesses have resources and internal staff to produce videos in-house. (Source: awesome.vidyard.com/rs/273-EQL-130/images/Video-in-Business-Benchmark-Report-2017.pdf).

3. Visual content will disrupt the content marketing realm

Apart from video, other visual content such as virtual reality, augmented reality, infographics, and blogs and case studies with pictures galore will drive engagement in 2018.

4. Mobile optimization of content

Marketers are making it a priority to lean on to a mobile-first strategy when it comes to designing their content. According to Marketing Land, comScore, in their report “2017 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus,” found out that nearly 70% of digital media consumption occurs on mobile. (Source: marketingland.com/mobile-now-accounts-nearly-70-digital-media-time-comscore-210094).

5. Live streaming

Live streaming ups the ante of the power of video content. The fact that social networks such as Facebook puts your live content atop of people’s feed and sends a push notification about the event is a great solace in the ever-competitive content churning age. And there’s no better way to embrace this opportunity than to make the most out of it.

6. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content such as live streaming and stories is the leading trend in the content marketing realm. Short-living content is increasingly becoming appealing amongst young users.

Ephemeral content creates urgency and excitement for users to view and connect. Marketers are already experimenting creative ways to design their ephemeral content.

Stay tuned for more trends and insights on internet marketing which will help you craft your content marketing strategy and succeed with it.


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